AV Flows

Description AVFlows is built on top of the catalyst framework for developing and deploying applications with web-based interfaces.

Creating Databases The AV Flows system allows developers to share databases models without sharing the actual data. This allows data standards to be implemented while reducing the time required to make a database interface. Entry forms, queriers, and import and export functions are automatically generated. Applications that are compatible with the data model are automatically linked to the database. video

Deploying ApplicationsThe AV Flows system allows programmers to develop and debug applications on their own machine before uploading into the web system. Developers can also copy existing applications and generate a working directory on their personal computer to modify for a new application. This allows applications to be quickly developed for standard data models. video

Organizing ResultsThe AV Flows system provides users with a rich interface for organizing and searching results. Table of contents are automatically generated from the headings of content added. The information can be organized by reordering the table of contents with drag and drop functionality. video

Presenting ResultsThe AV Flows system allows users to create presentation layouts of their notebooks. Each application, protocol, database, or notebook element can be resized and positioned on a webpage. The layout can be saved and flipped through while viewing in full screen mode of a web-browser. This allows users to quickly generate presentations that are automatically updated when results change or databases are updated.

Deep SearchThe deep search features of the AV Flows notebooking system automatically links databases that have similar variables. This allows users to auto fill entry forms for applications with existing database entries. video